How can I wean my baby from the bottle?
-Andrea (Burnaby, British Columbia)

Weaning children from the bottle can help minimize the risk of tooth decay, but it can also be very difficult for parent and baby!

Be patient with your child and yourself.

It is best to wean your baby gradually. It is recommended that you start around 6 months of age, and have him or her weaned between 9 and18 months.

Start by replacing one bottle a day with a cup. Pick a feeding time that is usually a smaller meal, and stick with this same time each day so that a routine develops. A week later, you can replace a second bottle feeding time with a cup; and so on each week.

Setbacks are normal whenever there is a major change in your baby’s life such as illness, major changes in routine or other stresses such as moving to a new house. Avoid starting to wean during these times, and if you are already working on weaning your child from the bottle, don’t be discouraged if you need to bring back the bottle for a few meals. Wait until the stress is over, and then continue the process!

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