My tip for a healthy smile is to train your child to love eating vegetables at an early age instead of eating junk foods. Andre loves carrots as shown in his photo.-Cherry Ann

My tip for a healthy smile is to have good thoughts, because it helps us feel good and may eventually pop us a good think good thoughts and share that smile! -Charlie

My tip for a healthy smile is brush all of your teeth, not just the front ones. Spend some time on the teeth along the sides and in the back. -Jane

Since a baby's diet mainly consists of milk, it is important for a parent to know how to protect their baby's new teeth from the sugar in the milk. Parents should not let the baby sleep with a bottle filled with milk. Because a child's saliva production slows down while asleep, the saliva will not work to cleanse the teeth, therefore making the teeth susceptible to decay caused by sugar settling on the teeth for extended periods. In order to avoid baby bottle tooth decay, a baby should be encouraged to drink water at the end of the day after his or her last bottle of milk.  -Evominds

I take care of my child's teeth by including toothbrushing in his daily routine as soon as he had his first two front teeth. I use a yummy baby toothpaste to make the experience more worthwhile and now, he looks forward to brushing his teeth everyday.  -Jenny