1. Abigail Annette Briley
  2. Adia Mandela Fereira Mateo
  3. Akesha Lourice A. Dias
  4. Alanna Marie M. Jacinto
  5. Althea Ingrid S. Baron
  6. Andre Charles N. Paulite
  7. Angelica Rihanna E. Ramirez
  8. Ashlyne Gionna L. Daquiz
  9. Athena Kirsten Reyes
  10. Bai Zurieh Jaeda Ala Maglangit
  11. Bella Grace Ricafrente
  12. Bianca Gabrielle Placido
  13. Boston Ryan Phillips
  14. Carl Khenji Cajili
  15. Duane Exequiel F. Payad
  16. Edward Klyne Morales
  17. Elijah Gavrie M. Cabanilla
  18. Elroy Martyne Dela Paz Nepomuceno
  19. Erlyn Andee D. Reyes
  20. Evawwen Lii-athné Frriloem O. Mella
  21. Faith C. Fabian
  22. Ferguz Eusthean B. Nepomuceno
  23. Freya Revelle M. Pablo
  24. Gabriel Angelo Tiopes-Yerro
  25. Gadiel Nicolo Bagus Cuasay
  26. Grant Del Fierro
  27. Inigo Gabriel L. Fernandine
  28. Ishbel Zanthie Nuqui Hernandez
  29. James Cacnio Domingo
  30. Jamille Byankah J. Mercado
  31. Jan Gabriel R. Delos Reyes
  32. Jann Joram Agpalo
  33. Jeffry Ilustre Estrella
  34. John Gabriel N. Barrameda
  35. Josh Raven A. Guerrero
  36. Joshue Jon C. Ibarra
  37. Khyle Richard Miranda
  38. Kirsten Chelsea C. Gool
  39. Lyean Alieh Vivit Cabral
  40. Ma. Josephine Faith D. Rosales
  41. Maegan Lorraine Chan Sih
  42. Manuel Gabriel Sanchez
  43. Maria Amanda Ysabelle H. Nayve
  44. Mariam Orjaliza
  45. Marian Jaeniel C. Pascual
  46. Marick L. Garcia
  47. Mary Ronette V. Gamboa
  48. Nadine Mia Criel Encila
  49. Rebeck Enoch J. Mariano Jr.
  50. Reeve Marcus C. Velasco
  51. Ree-Yhan Jazz Malonzo
  52. Reign Jellise Icasiano
  53. Rizza Mae Santos
  54. Rodulf Donlyn Viduya Nahe
  55. Rubeross Sale Inocencio
  56. Ryje Slevin F. De Dios
  57. Sayuri Maureen Sadano
  58. Sofia & Sabina Carmelotes
  59. Sophia Gabriela Hernandez
  60. Tyreese Miguel Omana Villaver
  61. Venice Jaden C. Rodolfo
  62. Yuri Kim Flordeliz
  63. Yves Saint Joachim Medina
  64. Zayd Audrick Cagang Mulay
  65. Zophia Maureen Roca


  1. oh my! what a handful of cute kids....:)

  2. A bunch of cutie kids over here. lets combine all our powers mommy to win akesha hehehe grabe na jud ni.

  3. I vote for Akesha Dias.My tip for a healthy smile is to always brush your teeth with your child.

  4. Grampy, for your vote to be counted, you have to post your comment in Akesha's page.

  5. I prefer the previous mechanics where in the contestants' photos are visible in the main page, no need to browse every pages.

    Anyway, my vote is for AKESHA DIAS =)

  6. @Bambie...Photos coming soon. Thanks for your comment. Go vote at Akesha's page.

  7. Akesha is my winning Pinoy Smile because she is so pretty. :)

  8. Akesha is my winning pinoy Smile because she looks so pure and innocent.

  9. Inigo Gabriel L. Fernandine is my winning Pinoy Smile because with that beatific smile and endearing look he has, it reminds each one of us who we are when we were at his age.

  10. I love Akesha's winning smile, its demure and genuine.;-)

  11. Wow, it is really funny.
    Many nice smiles are here.
    I support Akesha for these contest. Akesha is cute and beautiful. Hers smile is really natural. I like her. ^^

  12. Inigo Gabriel L. Fernandine is my winning Pinoy Smile because his adorable baby smile just made my day! :-D

  13. I take care of my child's teeth by teaching them the proper way of brushing and regular visit to the dentist...
    Go Akesha baby!! mwaaahh.

  14. yuri is my winning pinoy smile because her smile is the greatest..

  15. Yuri is my winning pinoy smile because she smiles wth confidence and very pretty..

  16. Go Baby Grant! Let the world see your smile.