December Pinoy Smile Contest

The primary objectives of the contest are to enjoy the beautiful smiles of Pinoy children from all over the world and to remind everyone that healthy teeth make a beautiful smile!"

Want to vote?
1.You can vote only once for the entire month by poll and/or comment. 
    -Your comment should be one of the following:
  a) Reason you think the child is a winning pinoy smile
  b) Dental tip for the child to have healthy smile
  c) Dental question for Pinoy Smile

2. You can vote for any number of contestants, but only once through this poll for the whole month.
3. Votes are restricted by IP.
4. Be honest! Don’t spoil the fun! Don’t use bots in the polls! Vote for yourself! Don't use dummy accounts to leave comments!

Click here to read the rules.

To vote, click on the child's name below.

  1. Aisaiah Gabrielle Dizon Magnawa
  2. Alikah Arienh Rivera Sadamas
  3. Andrei Earl D. Reyes
  4. Andrew Joaquin Melo Comia
  5. Beatrice Raine C. Guevarra
  6. Chaeleigh Ashnie Criste Fornea
  7. Christian Manuel
  8. Danielle Louise Lachica
  9. Daryl Nicole N. Dipad
  10. Dylan Kristoff Tomista Catungal
  11. Ellysziell & Elliyandra Cabanilla
  12. Eujuan Hendrick S. Chan
  13. Faith Cadileña Fabian
  14. Given Geneblazo Del Fierro
  15. Hana Angela C. Panes
  16. Jin Luark Ariete Clarin
  17. Jiro Kyleigh F.Payad
  18. Jordena Athena Candace Navida
  19. Josh Raven A. Guerrero
  20. Julia Andrea Jacinto
  21. Kara Judielle U. Sacrez
  22. Liam Xymone M. Galvez
  23. Louisse Antoinette O. Megia
  24. Moh. Al-nashrif Lakbao
  25. Nathan P. Andam
  26. Nathaniel "Nate" Restauro-Koetz
  27. Ren Nathaniel C. Martinez
  28. Niño Emmanuel H. Hendrix
  29. Princess Faye Bellen
  30. Ram Ezekiel A. Roca
  31. Ree-Yhan Jazz Malonz
  32. Rhianne Joy Dizon Reyes
  33. Rianna Sancha Soon Quijote
  34. Shaira Nicole Ola
  35. Sofia and Sabina Delgado-Carmelotes
  36. Syrene Althea Maxene Farrales Sy
  37. Tatiana Gabrielle F. Soichi
  38. Tyreese Miguel Omana Villaver
  39. Yasmin Althea Zaballa
  40. Ylaine Gabrielle Y. Ordiano
  41. Yunikichi Mavin Nalica
  42.  Zachary Dy Tan


  1. Hi Pinoy Smile... Thank you for this contest... Your contestants are so very cute.

  2. @lhynne: maraming salamat din sa iyong pagtangkilik sa Pinoy Smile contest. we wholeheartedly agree sa sinulat mo sa facebook na "bawal ang pikon!"

  3. hi how can i join my baby for this contest?