GRANT GENEBLAZO DEL FIERRO- November Pinoy Smile of the Month

Pinoy Smile People's Choice #1
Pinoy Smile Parent's Choice #1

Grant was born on September 15, 2008.

We fondly call him "Baching", short for "tabaching". He started to wear eyeglasses with prescription at four months because of Coloboma. Coloboma is a congenital eye condition that weakens Grant's vision. He can see even without the eyeglasses on, but he sees better with it. Just like any toddler, now at fourteen months, he is a very active kid. He loves to eat (obviously), he likes to walk and move around, play, and he coos a lot! If he learned how to speak this early, he will also say the warmest and most heart-felt "thank you" to all of you who supported him!!!

Our warments thanks to all who voted for our son. Our family, relatives, our dear bests, friends, officemates (worldwide branches), batchmates, schoolmates, online friends, our yahoogroups, our kababayans at and even those people we don't even know who responded and voted.....maraming, maraming salamat po!

To all the parents who comprised the Parents' Choice Poll, thank you for choosing our son as your Pinoy Smile for November. We were touched that even if we don't know all of you, you voted for our baby boy Grant!

God bless everyone! It will definitely be a Merry Christmas for the Del FIerro family! More power to Pinoy Smiles!!!

Grant's elder sister, Given Del Fierro, is one of the contestants for December 2009! Hope you can also extend the same support! Thank you! God bless!

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  1. Grant Del Fierro is my winning Pinoy Smile because he is very cute and very bubbly! Love you anak!

  2. Such a cute baby! It looks like he doesn't have teeth yet. When he does, my tip is to teach him the importance of brushing his teeth after every meal and to give him food rich in Calcium so that baby Grant can have a healthy smile.

  3. Grant Del Fierro is my winning Pinoy Smile because he just don't smile with his lips but spreads it with his eyes...

  4. My tip for a healthy smile is by brushing it 3X a day. :)
    Please vote for ELIJAH GAVRIE M. CABANILLA

  5. Grant del Fierro is my winning Pinoy Smile because his smiles bring smiles to me and makes my day. Its like spreading a good virus to anyone seeing him.

  6. I take care of my child's teeth by including toothbrushing in his daily routine as soon as he had his first two front teeth. I use a yummy baby toothpaste to make the experience more worthwhile and now, he looks forward to brushing his teeth everyday.

  7. My tip for a healthy smile is by thinking of happy thoughts.

  8. Grant is my winning Pinoy Smile because he gives you a beautiful smile that makes you smile as well! The little boy spreads such warmth when he smiles.

  9. Go anak! I will always be your no. 1 fan :)

  10. A great smile goes together with a healthy teeth :)

  11. I LOVE GRANT's AWESOME SMILE BECAUSE OF HIS ANGELIC TWINKLING EYES!! I'm sure when he grows his teeth...he will have an AMAZING SMILE!!

    Beth del Fierro