How often should I bring my child to the dentist?

-Emma (Surrey, British Columbia)


The routine is “every 6 months,” but the timing of the next visit will depend on your child’s risk to dental problems.

Assessing risk is an important part of the first visit. If your dentist notices areas of concern, for example, the beginning of a cavity, he may suggest that you and your child return earlier than 6 months for application of a fluoride varnish. 

If your child has no signs of decay and your dentist assesses your child to be a low-risk, the suggestion may be for a next visit in 9-12 months. 

A child’s risk may change and the timing of visits may change accordingly.  As your child grows up, your dentist may be concerned about other issues such as space in your child’s mouth for permanent teeth and thus may want to see you and your child more frequently.

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