1. *not necessarily with her favorite character--just a kiddie toothbrush in general
    *we choose the flavor of her toothpaste but make sure we buy her kids toothpaste
    *we brush her teeth first then let her do it on her own
    *i show her photos of kids with rotten teeth not necessarily to scare her but educate her and show her why brushing the teeth is important

  2. We already use kiddie toothpaste and toothbrush with his favorite character but he still doesn't want to brush his teeth. Everyday is battle.

    I think I'll try to let my son brush my teeth to encourage him more to brush his hehehe.. I would like to know the pinoy smile "carabao toothbrushing song medley".

  3. Hi, Mommy Rose.

    The Pinoy Smile "Baby Carabao Toothbrushing Medley" is at http://www.pinoysmiles.net/2009/06/videos.html


  4. gonna buy her a favorite character cartoons sponge bob hehe,, so that she can love toothbrushing,while shes with her friend.=)